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Information and Tips for the Best Shave

Welcome to our blog all about Merkur Razors! This is where the art of shaving takes center stage. In our blog, you will find a wealth of information, tips, and tricks to achieve the best possible shaving experience with a safety razor. Whether you’re an experienced safety razor user or just starting out, we hope that my blog provides you with valuable insights and inspiration to perfect your shave.

Plastic Free Safety Razors

Tradition Meets Sustainability Our range of MERKUR products offers an eco-friendly and effective alternative to traditional plastic razors. We value tradition and quality, providing you with a unique and sustainable shaving experience. Our Range Learn more about our...

The history of Merkur

Merkur Razors, a brand with over a hundred years of experience, is a symbol of precision and excellence in the shaving industry. Known for high-quality, handcrafted razors, Merkur combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Based in Germany, the brand...

MERKUR Razor Blades

Introducing high quality razor blades At the heart of an excellent shave with a razor is always a sharp, reliable and durable razor blade. At MERKUR you will find exactly this quality in the form of the MERKUR SUPER razor blade. This classic double-edged blade is made...

Care for shaving tools

High-quality products like MERKUR's razors are a worthwhile investment for those who want a close and comfortable shave. However, these fine pieces deserve regular care and attention to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. Metal parts of all materials,...

Proper Safety Razor Use

Using a Safety Razor correctly: A guide for a smooth shave The safety razor, often referred to as a safety razor, is a traditional wet shaving tool that has experienced a renaissance in recent years. Many prefer it for its eco-friendly properties and the ability to...

Shaving Types of the Safety Razor

Over the years, the razor has gone through many stages of development, becoming more and more refined. The razor as we know it today represents the perfect symbiosis of simplicity, efficiency and control. It provides a clean and precise shave, regardless of the length...

Badger hair shaving brush care tips

for long durability For optimal care and longevity of your MERKUR badger hair shaving brush, there are some important tips that you should follow. We’ve summarized them for you in this article. That new odor: the initial inherent odor, caused by a harmless...

The evolution of the safety razor

From disposable blades to adjustable models and the materials behind Merkur razors. The history of the safety razor is marked by continuous innovation and improvement, starting with the revolutionary introduction of the disposable blade. Today, users have a choice of...

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