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The Shaving Brush

A shaving brush is an accessory that can enrich the shaving of hair. It consists of a handle and a brush head. The hair can be synthetically or naturally produced, for example, from badger hair. The shaving brush is used to whip up foam in a bowl and massage it onto the skin of the face, for example, before shaving. It helps to straighten and moisturize the hair, improving the shave and ensuring a smooth result.
The shaving brush opens up the diverse world of high-quality shaving soaps. There are many great products to try other than the typical “canned foam”.

We offer high-quality brushes with selected badger hair bristles suitable for many MERKUR Razors. This is a sensitive natural product and requires careful handling. The following instructions should be followed for daily use:

• If the brush smells when new, the cause is a harmless preservative substance that keeps germs and microorganisms away from badger hair; this usually washes out after a few days.

• Never press on the brush, rather move it in a horizontal line like a paintbrush to avoid hair breakage.

• After use, rinse out, shake off any water and leave to dry in a ventilated place. Occasionally wash with a grease-removing hair shampoo. Residues of the alkaline soaps break the badger hair, excessive hair loss is the result.

Merkur Shaving Brush
Shaving Brush
Merkur Razor Shaving Brush
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