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Discover High-Quality Replacement Parts for Merkur Stahlwaren Razors

In our “Razor Replacement Parts” category, you will find an exclusive selection of high-quality components for Merkur Stahlwaren razors. Each replacement part is characterized by first-class quality and precision manufacturing, ensuring the longevity and performance of your Merkur razor.

Quality and Variety in Merkur Replacement Parts

Our range includes a variety of parts perfectly tailored to different models of Merkur razors. The replacement parts range from razor covers to special screws, all crafted with the proven precision and quality of Merkur Stahlwaren.

Precision-Manufactured Replacement Parts

• Razor Cover with Short Screw: Suitable for models such as 15C, 20C, 23C, including 10 MERKUR SUPER PLATINUM blades.

• Razor Cover with Long Screw: Ideal for models like 34C, 38C, 43, each with 10 additional blades.

• Razor Cover Futur 701: Specifically for the Futur 701 model, including blades.

• Razor Bridge Futur 700: Matte chrome finish, suitable for the Futur 700 razor.

• Razor Cover Futur 700: In matte chrome with additional blades.

• Razor Cover Slant Cut: For models 37C, 39C, including blades.

Design and Manufacturing “Made in Germany”

All parts impress with their design and manufacturing “Made in Germany”, a quality feature that stands for durability, precision, and reliability. The surface materials in glossy or matte chrome not only offer an appealing aesthetic but also high resistance.

Easy Exchange and Compatibility

The installation of our replacement parts is simple and straightforward. They are specifically designed for seamless compatibility with the corresponding Merkur razor models. This guarantees a quick and efficient repair or upgrade of your razor.

Discover our wide range of replacement parts and accessories for your Merkur razor now and experience the quality and precision of Merkur Stahlwaren.

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