High-quality products like MERKUR’s razors are a worthwhile investment for those who want a close and comfortable shave. However, these fine pieces deserve regular care and attention to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

Metal parts of all materials, including MERKUR’s finely crafted razors, can rust or oxidize when stored in damp conditions. It is therefore important to dry them thoroughly before putting them away.

Similar to a well-maintained pair of shoes, the leather of a case requires occasional cleaning and care. A light oiling helps keep the leather in optimal condition and prevent the appearance of mold. After use in the bathroom, the razor and accessories should always be packed dry in the case.

It is a sad fact that drinking water around the world is more or less calcareous and partly chlorinated. In combination with the often very greasy shaving soaps, this can affect the durability of the safety razor and increase the risk of material degradation. However, regular care with a soft brush and occasional degreasing with hair shampoo or washing-up liquid can extend the life of the metal safety razor and remove dull spots.

These factors can also affect the durability of shaving brushes with badger hair trim. Greasy, alkaline soaps that cause the beard hair to swell can do the same to the badger hair, causing the brush to break and lose its hair. To avoid this, the brush should be cleaned regularly with a degreasing (normal) hair shampoo. A good rinse and dry after each use should be habitual, especially if it is a more expensive shaving brush.

During repairs, we always see products that can reach a great age with good care. However, it is important to remember that durability can be severely limited with constant contact with water and is subject to normal wear and tear.

Differences in water quality around the world in terms of lime and chlorine can unfortunately cause even razors to look worn over time. The need for replacement can therefore, unfortunately, not be ruled out even after a few years. Despite these challenges, a well-maintained razor is a tool that can provide you with many years of excellent shaving. The key lies in proper care and handling. With these tips, you will ensure your straight razor lasts as long as possible and always performs at its best.

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