Razor Set 780002

  • Set contains Razor 700002, Brush 1701, Stand 4780. Additional 10 Blades 910
  • Adjustable Blade Gap
  • Duo Clip Razor 700002
  • Honorably Designed and Made in Germany.

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Material surface: Matt Chrome Finish
Packaging: Cardboard box
Packaging size: 175x120x120
Product weight (with packaging): 495
Product measurements: 104x41x25
Product weight: 129


Die-casted zinc, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Badger hair, Galvanized surfaces, bright chrome-plated.

The perfect gift, the MERKUR 780002 3-piece shaving set featuring the razor 700002 with a matching silver tip badger shaving brush, and a stand to hold all the components. The entire set is finished in a polished chrome finish.

This luxurious set contains a MERKUR 700002 Double Edge Razor, finest quality silvertip badger hair shave brush and matching stand which has a stylish polished chrome finish. It also Includes one free Merkur Super Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately.

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