Over the years, the razor has gone through many stages of development, becoming more and more refined. The razor as we know it today represents the perfect symbiosis of simplicity, efficiency and control. It provides a clean and precise shave, regardless of the length or density of the beard growth.

The standard version of the safety razor is the straight, closed comb. This type of razor is ideal for daily shaving. Razors with toothed comb, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for removing longer beards or body hair. Thanks to the serration, long hairs reach the blade, while the closed comb holds them down. Both variants of the safety razor have their own merits and can be selected depending on individual preference and beard type.

There are also two main designs for razors: the three-piece razor, which consists of a lid, comb and handle, and the two-piece razor, which consists of a lid and comb with a neck, handle and rotating key. The three-piece razor offers easy and uncomplicated handling, while the two-piece razor offers additional flexibility with the rotating key.

A special type is the inclined blade plane, which is used to stabilize very thin blades (0.08mm) as they were in the past. The slanted blade tends to move in the direction of the cut, which can be risky, but is suitable for very strong beard growth. With proper use and care, this safety razor offers an exceptionally close shave.

The most mechanically complex type is the adjustable safety razor. With a blade gap adjustment scale, the distance between the cutting edge and the skin tightening comb can be varied. This system allows the razor to be adjusted for a customized shaving experience, from gentle to vigorous. This razor offers the greatest versatility and adaptability and is ideal for those who want to tailor their shave to their exact individual needs.

In summary, the straight razor is an indispensable tool for a quality and personalized shave. Whether you have a thick beard, sensitive skin or specific shaving preferences, there is certainly a safety razor that will suit your needs. With a safety razor, you can control the quality and precision of your shave at a fraction of the cost of traditional disposable razors. Make the switch to a safety razor and experience the pleasure and satisfaction of a perfect shave.

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