Introducing high quality razor blades

At the heart of an excellent shave with a razor is always a sharp, reliable and durable razor blade. At MERKUR you will find exactly this quality in the form of the MERKUR SUPER razor blade. This classic double-edged blade is made of stainless steel and has a platinum coating for added durability and sharpness.

However, the life of a razor blade can not be defined in general terms. It depends on various factors, especially the strength and density of the beard hair. Nevertheless, razor blades, especially in combination with a safety razor, are often a cheaper alternative to modern system blades.

Just like a razor, the edge of a razor blade is fine and elastic. Therefore, special care should be taken: The razor blade should never be wiped and ideally you should only shave once a day. The fine burr of the blade needs time to recover and straighten up. If this process is ignored, the burr can break off, which leads to rapid dulling of the blade.

When should a razor blade be changed

During shaving, pay attention to the feel of your skin and the behavior of the blade. If fine injuries occur after shaving, this may be an indication of a worn razor blade. In this case, the razor blade should be replaced to continue to ensure a comfortable and safe shaving experience.

Changing your razor blades regularly is not only crucial for a smooth, comfortable shave, but also for the health of your skin. A sharp, clean razor blade minimizes the risk of skin irritation, cuts, and ingrown hairs.

A straight razor in combination with a high-quality razor blade, such as the MERKUR SUPER razor blade, allows for an effective, gentle and cost-efficient shave. Through proper care and handling of the razor blade, you will both maximize its life and protect your skin at the same time.


  1. Do Not Wipe: Avoid wiping the razor blade, as this can damage the fine edge.
  2. Daily Shaving: Ideally limit yourself to shaving once a day to give the blade time to regenerate.
  3. Edge Recovery: Allow the blade to recover to prevent the edge from breaking and thus becoming dull quickly.
  4. Blade Storage: Store the razor blade in a dry place to prevent rusting.
  5. Regular Replacement: Change the blade regularly to ensure optimal sharpness and hygiene.
  6. Gentle Handling: Avoid applying pressure on the blade during shaving to maintain its structure.
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