Tradition Meets Sustainability

Our range of MERKUR products offers an eco-friendly and effective alternative to traditional plastic razors. We value tradition and quality, providing you with a unique and sustainable shaving experience.

Our Range

Learn more about our wide range of safety razor models and extensive accessories. Each model features unique characteristics such as different grip sizes, surface coatings, and types of blades. We offer both classic safety razors and innovative, adjustable models. Our accessories, including high-quality shaving brushes and convenient stands, perfectly complement the shaving experience. Discover the quality and versatility of our products, which draw on a long tradition and expertise in manufacturing premium razors.

Explore Our Plastic-Free Safety Razors and Sustainable Shaving Accessories. Experience Quality, Eco-Friendly Shaving with Unique Models, Blades, and Accessories.

A portion of our range is listed here for you:

MERKUR Safety Razors: Classic and Durable

  • Materials: MERKUR safety razors are made from robust zinc die-cast and brass, coated with a triple-layer of galvanic copper, nickel, and chrome.
  • Designs: We offer three-piece safety razors (cap, comb, handle) and two-piece safety razors (cap and comb with neck, handle, and rotating key).
  • Specialties: The slant bar razor stabilizes thin blades for a precise shave. For individual shaving needs, we have the adjustable safety razor with blade gap regulation.


  • High-Quality Materials: Double-edged blades made from stainless steel with platinum coating.
  • Usage Guidelines: The blades are fine and elastic. Daily use is recommended, without wiping the blade, to maintain its sharpness.

Shaving Technique and Care

  • Effective Shave: Our safety razor provides a precise and thorough shave, but requires some practice. Correct angle and gentle movements are important.
  • Care Instructions: Safety razors should be stored dry and cleaned regularly to prevent rust and oxidation. A soft brush and degreasing cleaning agents like hair shampoo or dish soap are ideal for maintenance.

Sustainability and Longevity

  • Long-Term Benefits: Our safety razors offer excellent value for money and are a sustainable choice compared to disposable plastic razors.
    Maintenance and Repair: With proper care, our products can achieve a long lifespan, despite limitations due to water quality and normal wear and tear.

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