From disposable blades to adjustable models and the materials behind Merkur razors.

The history of the safety razor is marked by continuous innovation and improvement, starting with the revolutionary introduction of the disposable blade. Today, users have a choice of different types of razors, including the standard razor with a closed comb, the tooth comb razor for longer hair and the bevel razor for particularly strong beards. Particularly elaborate is the adjustable razor, which allows for a customized shaving experience.

The materials used in the manufacture of razors have also evolved over time. MERKUR razors are made primarily of die-cast zinc and brass handles, which are electroplated to achieve an attractive appearance. The 700002 model series, for example, is made entirely of die-cast zinc and offers finishes in matte chrome, bright chrome, and bright gold. The history of the safety razor shows how technology, design and materials have evolved over time to make the shaving process safer, more comfortable, and more effective.

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