A perfect shaving experience is something that few achieve. It requires care, patience and of course the right tool. The straight razor, a traditional shaving tool that became popular in the early 1900s, still stands for a close and high-quality shave.

Preparation of the skin and beard hair is crucial for a close shave. The ideal time to shave is after showering, when the skin and hair are moist and supple. Solid shaving foam should be used to swell the beard hair for several minutes. This makes shaving easier and reduces irritation. For aftershave, just like soap, there are many diverse skin care products available, which moisturize and soothe the skin and help heal possible cuts or razor burn.

With the beginning of the 20th century razors with the classic double blade have superseded the straight razor for everyday use. The shave is close and clean, but handling the open edge requires skill and practice. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and convenient. The safety razor gets its name from the planing, scraping shave perpendicular to the cutting edge. Movements in the longitudinal direction of the blades or twists can cause injury, so use with care.

The dead weight of the safety razor facilitates gliding without pressure, allowing for a smooth shave. The blade should ideally be guided at an angle of 30° to the surface of the skin. The correct grip position is something that can be learned by feel and practice. There are several varieties of safety razor with different handle lengths and weights that allow for a customized shaving experience.

In the classic models, the blade protrudes slightly on the short outer sides so that it can be grasped together with the lid during disassembly. This prevents it from falling out uncontrollably. The individually ground and polished razor lids and blades are subject to dimensional deviations in the 1/10 mm range. Although the almost 100-year-old design requires greater tolerances than modern blade systems, the shaving result is traditionally good and inspires many fans.

Straight razors offer excellent value for money. The initial cost is higher than traditional disposable razors, but in the long run they are more economical because the blades are cheaper. This long-term value for money makes these retro devices attractive even in modern times. Moreover, the safety razor is more environmentally friendly than disposable razors due to less waste.

In summary, the razor is more than a simple tool for shaving. It represents a conscious, careful, and respectful treatment of one’s own skin. It allows us to take time for ourselves and focus on the process of shaving, instead of considering it a necessary task.

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